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Known Issues

Desktop / Browser

Password reset doesnt work / missing captcha. Manual password resets also seemingly not working. More testing required

(Mostly fixed) Registration and other emails not sent while certain emails work fine, manual auth still needed. Some servers experiencing this problem


(FIXED?) – The activity / wall page will show current user as logged out even if they’re still logged in. Works fine in mobile. Uses a different top navigation than the rest of the site when not meant to. Seems ok now, need to know if others are experiencing anything

(FIXED?) Password reset form missing. Added activation code email. Not sure if this is the correct approach

(FIXED) About me widget is not showing. Groups tab added in profile

(FIXED) – Hello Pioneer folk! worst luck ever. An hr before voting, somehow the standard login deleted itself while I was trying to turn off a redirect last minute.

(FIXED) Easier sign out needed. Auto fixed from solving above

TODO Roadmap


Matchmaking (both real life and games)

Multiple Group Categories – Games, Real Life, Countries

“User Online” tab showing only if user is online that integrates with Discord showing currently playing and ability to message that user

Security features rolled back in over time.

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